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6 Must Have Items When Travelling

1. Earphones or ear plugs.

Either of these are number one on my travel essentials priority list. Sitting on a plane in a cramped up seat for hours on end without being able to move much, is already painful enough without the crying sound of a baby or someone next to you snoring. These will ensure you to at least block out part of the noise, to either sleep or listen to some good music.

2. Eye Mask

If I was restricted to only take 3 things on a plane with me, this would be number two. You do not need any more things adding to your bad nights sleep, and keeping out light is unfortunately an issue on an aeroplane. So, make sure you get yourself one!

3. Facial mist/facial cleanser/facial wipes

There is nothing worse than a long, slow and sleepless flight. The eye bags, your skin feeling disgusting, dry mouth, smudged makeup. Facial mist or wipes are the easiest and fastest ways to clean up without really needing to go to the bathroom. It’ll have you feeling fresh in a jiffy and you will be ready to descend in the air without being worried how you look.

4. Basic and comfortable clothing, with a hoodie or cardigan

There’s no need to make a flight even more uncomfortable with the wrong type of clothes. You’re going to be in a cramped little space for at least a few hours, do yourself a favour and wear some basic clothing that feels good on the skin and is soft and flexible. 

5. Something to pass the time i.e. movie, book

And if you can’t fall asleep, you at least need some entertainment. Laptop, preferably a tablet, will work out well for movies or TV shows that you need to catch up on. However, their batteries are prone to run out, so a book can always be a back-up plan.

 6. Snacks and water!

The airlines know you will be trapped with them for quite some time, so if you get hungry or thirsty you can only go to them, and they will serve you with small overpriced snacks. So, take your own onto the plane (if allowed) and save yourself the hassle of having the correct change or starving. 

Big Love, K


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