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6 Simple Steps to De-Clutter your Closet for Winter

As a university student living in a new city, I have to move around a lot. The biggest problem I have is the amount of things I have to lug around with me every time I move, and being a bit of a shopaholic the amount of clothes that keep piling up is a little bit insane. SO, I have recently done some serious de-cluttering in the hopes to make my next move a little bit lighter and have decided to share some of my personal tips with you all.

De-cluttering should be something you do yearly – at the least. If you’re a super crazy shopaholic then maybe even seasonally, but the trend is always changing, and us girls are always out purchasing that super cute dress or those to-die-for heels, so there’s always going to be a pile up of unnecessary items in our closet.

The rule we’ll go by here is to get rid of everything that you have not worn in the past year.

1. Don’t grab ALL of your clothes and put them in a huge heap in one go. This will just create more work as you have to re-hang/fold them up again – Unless all of your clothes were in a big pile in your closet to begin with, then bring everything out.

2. Firstly, identify the clothes that you have not worn in the past year (I don’t care how much you might love it, or how great a deal it was when you bought it, but the rule of thumb is – If you haven’t worn something within a year, you’re probably not going to wear it again), and any other clothes that you’ve been ‘meaning’ to get rid of for some time. 

3. Fold them up neatly when you put them into that box or suitcase. This will make it easier for you to either sell or give away. Try not to really ‘throw out’ anything as there are definitely people out there who could use donations.

4. Identify the clothes that you want to hang up or fold up as you go. Do this as you’re categorising everything. You might also even want to categorise what you’re putting into the cupboard; e.g. the left side of the closet might be for casual clothes and right for more formal dresses. You could even go a step further and colour coordinate your closet.

5. The de-cluttering definitely doesn’t apply to just clothing. Shoes is our next target – get rid of all the shoes that you never wear, definitely get rid of any shoes that pinch or blister your feet (not applicable to new shoes) and especially the ones that give you no support at all and you can feel your feet wobbling everywhere as you walk. Your feet are very important and it is vital to wear suitable footwear!

6. Now for the painful part: getting rid of the clothes! If you might feel a little bit of heartache just giving away all your clothing for free, especially if you might’ve spent a lot of money on all of them (I know I do) then you can definitely check out some local thrift markets or similar where you can sell your clothing.

There is a market called the ‘suitcase rummage’ http://suitcase-rummage.blogspot.com.au/ that is located throughout a few locations around Australia, and it is perfect for those who might want to get a bit of extra cash-back for your clothes and a great way to get rid of your old stuff. If not, a donation to any of your local second-hand stores would definitely be appreciated.

Happy de-cluttering!

Love PMx

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