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Beat the winter woes with these 6 handbag essentials

Lip Balm

Between the dry weather, low temperatures and gusty winds, it’s no wonder that our lips seem to be always chapped, and we all know how unattractive chapped lips can be. So if there’s one thing that you should invest in this winter, it is lip balm! I personally use Vaseline as a base coat, then lipstick on top. I find that it helps the lipstick glide on and helps maintain moisture. (p.s. This stuff actually lasts FOREVER)


A HUGE MUST! You naturally feel a lot warmer on the inside after hot food or beverage, so if you want to stay warm both on the inside, and out, then a Thermos of just hot water will do the trick. A good thermos will keep your water hot almost overnight, and by the morning it’s a little less than warm, but still much better than cold water.


Especially if you have a cold or a sore throat; and if not, then protect it from getting one! Nothing worse than walking out of a building into a huge gust of wind, and usually everything is covered up but the neck. So if you don’t want to get a cold or a sore throat, then have this in your bag. You can either go with a thick woollen one or a nice light sheer one if the weather isn’t too bad.


For those of you who have naturally dry skin, this is a must-have in your handbag. Just carry a small travel sized one in your bag and you’ll notice that it does wonders when your skin might be feeling a little extra dry sometimes. Also good for keeping your hands hydrated, especially after washing them, they will get extra dry.


Essential for when you have a cold, or even not! We don’t like it, but sometimes our nose will just leak a little even when we don’t have a cold, and there’s nothing worse than a leaky nose and not being able to find tissues anywhere! So, these little pocket tissues are a definite life saver.


 Big Love, K


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