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Black and White Never Fails | How to Rock Monochrome

The classic jumpsuit – rocked by the Miley Cyrus herself, it is chic, elegant and also sexy. The white trim at the top adds just a nice touch to the whole suit itself, whilst the black at the bottom can create a silhouette of the body and make you look slimmer! This outfit is suitable for day or night!

In the middle, there is a lovely high-waisted pant (Interval Pant), you may team it with a similar top to the one in the image, or go for the one on the far right to add a little more edge and style!

The lovely and adorable Elle Fanning here! Donning a very lady-like outfit with much elegance! The ‘bow-tie’ on the shirt is what completes the outfit. Something as small as that can give a boost to the entire outfit itself. She wears nude heels here for modesty and elegance. This outfit is suitable for day or important evening functions!

On the right, PureModa also have a couple of pieces that could give you that Elle Fanning look, you can team the tee (Abigail shirt) with the skirt (Street Style skirt) on the far right or stick to the outfit on the right, however, maybe switch up the gold necklace for a bow if you want to look the petite, cute, preppy girl.

Some more formal outfits here, preferably for functions or night-wear – apart from Cara Delevigne’s outfit (far right), that would be a definite head-turner for the day. If you want to look more mature, Em Watson’s outfit (far left) would be the go for you. The draped, V-neck top is a lot more sophisticated, and teamed with the tailored pant and pointed heels definitely gives a much more mature feel. Taylor Swift’s outfit (middle) on the other hand, is more of a young-lady elegance with a modern twist. It is a formal crop top, and with the added floor-long maxi skirt it makes it much more formal.

Ah, Blake Lively and her hundred-mile legs, looking gorgeous in anything she wears! She is looking mighty fine in this monochrome outfit, black white and black. Notice she is doing the opposite of everyone else where she has a black upper half and a white bottom half. It can work in the cases where you have gorgeous legs, but white on top and black on bottom is the safe bet.

On the right, there is a fabulous outfit by PureModa. The mullet shirt (Jayden Silk Shirt) and mullet skirt is a fab combo – but only if you do it right! You could change up the mullet skirt to a normal high-waisted one and the shoes to pointed heels if you were looking for a more formal attire, but this one has some serious street style going on.

Selena Gomez (right) and Rihanna (left) don’t have all that much in common, however their monochrome outfits are quite similar, in that they’re both very casual street-wear. Plain-white tees are such a classic. You can wear it with almost anything! The white statement tee and everything else black that Selena Gomez is rocking is a great look. It is relaxed, easy going yet looks so good.

Your classic skater dress on RiRi here. Who knew the most fashionable girl could dress so simply? Dresses like these can be worn on so many different occasions, it can be worn with flats, heels, sandals, ankle boots, and even converses – if that is your style.

All in all, you can never go wrong with black and white. They are the most basic shades yet when you’re having a lazy day, you can still look your best.

Big love, K


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