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Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Recap

The Cannes Film Festival literally has everything. Red carpet, a list of top tier talent longer than my arm and with it plenty of opportunity for pure star power preening. It has the per norm spectacle of bejewelled gowns for the public to froth over and an equal opportunity for a more casual approach. In defiance of the red carpet glitz, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Victoria Beckham and Vanessa Paradis all sported stand out looks riffing off masculine shapes. Below is our stand out picks from the festival thus far.

Shape A+. Hue A+. Hair +.

Another killer shape with just the right amount of bling.

George makes a dashing accessory to Amal Clooney’s Versace gown choice. Mad props.

This rich, delicious hue works a treat on Anna Kendrick. And Justin looks decent too, we’ll give him that. And neither of you are fooling us with those dead pan serious expressions.

So french, so black, so chic. Juliette Binoche proves that black is still a classic choice in a simplest of silhouettes, for any age. Younger starlets, take note.

And while we’re on the topic of black, the deconstructed tuxedo was determined to buck the trend, therefore starting its own. It’s been a while since the dignified pinstripe has made an appearance and it’s a welcome change.

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In the sea of pastels, florals and over the top embellishments – and we love all those things – these women looked way more appealing and stood out from the crowd. Potential feminist statements aside – they just looked so comfy! The best way to avoid a fine from the Fashion Police? Outwit them!

Love PMx

Images courtesy of elle and vogue.

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