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Celebrity Style: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is known for being one of the youngest Kardashian sisters. But she is also adored for her impeccable style. At the age of 19 she has already developed her own style. Considering who her family is, how could she not have great taste in clothes! She looks effortlessly cool in anything she wears and many envy her clothing collection.

The staples of her wardrobe are black pants and array of jeans that are essential for the ‘model off duty’ look. She then perfectly combines these core pieces with statement pieces. This takes an average outfit and turns it into one that stands out. Her wardrobe’s colour pallete consists of mainly black, white and blue with the occasional pop of colour or earthy tone.

She keeps her hairstyle simple, either straight and out or an effortless ponytail. This keeps the attention off her and on her outfit.

Regular accessories include sunglasses, a hat and an over the shoulder bag. Jewellery is kept to a minimum, and this only makes her style more natural and unforced. She always lets her clothes do the talking. Kendall without a doubt follows the less is more approach, and it definitely works for her. 

Kendall has certainly mastered the art of looking like she just threw something on, yet still looks amazing. A skill that every woman desires. Although she generally wears the same colours, she changes it up with different textures; and when you’re trying to keep it cool like Kendall don’t forget to tie your jacket around your waist for an added chic element.

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