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Fashion Has No Rules | But There Are Boundaries

Style is in the eye of the beholder - It comes down to taste. However, there are a few key guidelines that should apply. Fashion has no rules but there are boundaries to ensure you look your best. We have compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts that can apply to anyone no matter what type of style you may have. 


1. Do invest in staple, timeless pieces such as a classic BLACK BLAZER, a white button down and a classic black pump. 

2. Do add pops of colour. Make sure to have a few pieces that are bright or METALLIC that you can combine with a very basic outfit to add colour. This can be in the form of accessories, clothing or even nail polish and lipstick. 

3. Do invest in denim. Jeans are always trendy - invest in a well fitted medium wash that is versatile. 

4. Do use the services of a tailor. Well tailored clothing is timeless - there is no point in spending large sums of money on ill fitted clothing. Always ensure your pants and sleeves are the correct length. 


1. Don't wear wrinkled clothing. Un-ironed clothing is never stylish. Always be crease free before leaving the house. This shows that you have pride in your presentation. 

2. Don't show your undergarments. Undergarments are supposed to stay under clothing. To ensure they aren't visible always wear the correct colour (for example - black bra with a white top is a no-no), alter your straps according to your top (strapless, crossed over), and wear seam-free underwear with tight clothing. 

3. Don't over do it with prints - a head to toe leopard print outfit is never stylish. Only use loud prints as accent pieces like in the form of a belt, scarf or shoes. You don't want your clothing to distract people from you. 

4. Don't invest in fast fashion pieces - only purchase them in a small form. For example don't spend large sums of money on a suede fringe skirt that will be out of fashion in a couple months - instead opt for a cheaper alternative like a fringe bag. 

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