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Halloween Spook Special | Your Ultimate Fashion Costume Guide

So when did Halloween become such a big thing in Australia? Did we miss the memo? We aren’t exactly outraged at this development, because Halloween is essentially a glorified dress up day. And we aren’t talking about god awful polyester Frozen costumes, or something Avenger-or-another that you can pay a killing for at a costume hire shop. We’re talking about becoming a fashion icon for a night! Fantasised about having a wardrobe like Anna Dello Russo or Kim Kardashian? Halloween is your night to have a crack at making it a reality.

We’ve pulled together some costume ideas that will in all likelihood not require too much effort as we’re sure you’ve already got some of these clothes in your wardrobe.

If you want to be a hot pop culture icon right now: whip out your tightest cocktail dress, slick on the heavy makeup and throw a boa around your shoulders – preferably purple but Cookie Lyon can carry almost any colour, or animal print for that matter. Khaleesi who? There’s a new Queen in town.

We are generalising here a bit, but virtually any character from a Wes Anderson film is Halloween bait. It helps that he has an all-star (if not recycled) cast per flick and an extremely thorough costume designer. Margot Tenenbaum looks like a street style star, with her air of nonchalance and fur coat. You wouldn’t need much, other than a nude slip, camel coloured coat, black eyeliner and barrettes.

If you’re a 90’s child and you’re feeling nostalgic AND you’re just a little sarcastic there’s the cultural touchstone that is Daria.

We wish this Aubrey Plaza-College Humour live action was a reality. If you aren’t raven haired, pick up a wig with a blunt fringe, coax your closes hipster for their thick black rimmed glasses and pop on combat boots with a black pleated skirt and green blazer. Bonus points if you convince your bestie to dress up as Jane.

This pretty much needs no explanation. Get your girl squad in action!

And if you’re looking for some over the top, committed to the hilt costume action, you cannot go past Heidi Klum.

Now that’s commitment!

Images thanks to popsugar, vogue and buzzfeed.

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