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Soak up the Sun in Stand out Swimwear

It seems like we spend the whole year craving summer. Working our buts off on those bikini bodies to spend lazy days in the sun. Now that it’s here, it’s time to make the most of it! But most importantly, let’s look ridiculously good while we’re at it! Here are some swimwear trends for this summer.


This trend has been on the way up for the last few summers and now it has hit the big time. Neoprene is generally known for making wetsuits, but this material has made its way over to the wetsuits more fashionable cousin, the bikini. Some swimwear brands specifically produce swimwear made from neoprene. This trend gives a sport luxe feel and generally features zips, cutouts, colour blocking or mesh panels. Depending on the style, neoprene swimwear can offer a little bit of support and lift, as the material is quite thick and firm. If you want to feel sporty and fashionable at the beach, this trend is a must. 

Image from Style Blogger @fashionnarcissist

Image by Josie Clough of @itsnowcool for @summersite

High neck

Suitable for girls with any size bust, high neck bikinis look very flattering. A high neckline is a style that has been embraced in clothing, now swimwear brands are taking note. A few brands tried this trend last summer and now everyone is on board. This style is loved for it’s modesty, but still remains feminine. The high neck can give a more high-end look. Another plus side is it eliminates the risk of popping up out of the water exposed when you elegantly dive into the pool or under a wave. Stylish and practical, essentially a girl’s best friend.

Image from @karissasparke


These bikinis have no underwire and no padding, but fasten at the back like an average bra, so bralettes are best for those with a smaller bust. Bralettes have a petite design generally with thin, over the shoulder straps and a low scooping neckline. Attention to detail is critical to make a simple design into something fun and girly. They may seem unsophisticated but that is what makes the bralette bikini look amazing.

Image from @zuluandzephyr

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