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The Essential Boot for Winter

One thing any girl should love about the cooler weather is the great shoes that you can wear. “Give a girl a pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world” – I’m definitely a believer. SO, I shall be giving you ladies an update on some fantabulous shoes that will make you believe ;)

The heeled ankle boot

Suits: Anyone

Suitable for: Casual and semi-formal

Style it with: jeans, leather leggings, preferably mixed leather/tights leggings, Oversized tops, biker/edgy jacket, oversized knit

Celebrity styles:

2 lovely celebrities here with three very uniquely different styles. Wearing ankle boots with a short skirt can give the impression of having longer legs, and teaming it with some sheer stockings can create a slimming effect. Miranda Kerr, with the denim jacket making things much more casual, but adding the hat and skirt to make things a little more serious. The last outfit would be great on a night out or a day at the office.

The over-the-knee boot

Suits: Long-legged girls, however boots that go below the knee are good for everyone.

Suitable for: can be casual if dressed right, but mostly good for looking more formal/fashioanble

Style it: Long coats and stockings with a short skirt, simple dress, shorts

Celebrity styles:

With long-legged, of course models come to mind. Most celebrities all leave just that little bit of leg out when creating outfits with their thigh-high boots. It adds a little bit of sexuality to the outfit. Everything is covered up but that little bit of leg. I know it’s very impractical to be wearing heels out like celebrities do most of the time, so even a flat thigh-high boot works, since you’ve got those long legs to fill them out with anyway!

The combat boot

Suits: Anyone

Suitable for: Casual on-the-go

Style it: jeans and plain tee, mini shorts with casual shirt, edgier short tight dresses

Celebrity styles:

Definitely one of my personal favourites, this little boot is comfortable, edgy and so fashionable! Get a pair with some studs on it and make that outfit just that little bit more badass. It’s a boot that can easily make your outfit look effortless and the best part is that anyone can pull them off. They’re a great casual boot.

The preppy (heeled oxford) boot


Suits: Anyone

Suitable for: smart casual, preppy

Style it: stockings and a flared dress – preferably pinched in at the waist, floral dresses, leggings and button up shirts, hats

Celebrity styles:

Black boots like the ones above and what Cara is wearing in picture far left are easier to come across as edgy, however you can definitely team it up with a navy blue jacket and black stockings. Taylor Swift is definitely your go-to-gal if you want a preppy look with your oxfords. Her tan ones are definitely more suitable for Summer/Autumn. Winter is more about the dark colours so the last two far right examples are definitely more suitable for when the weather comes down.

I hope you lovely ladies are all well prepared for winter now. 

Love PMx

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