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The Little White Dress

The little black dress. Ok, so everyone knows that it is, or should be one (or many if you’re like me) of stock standard pieces in your wardrobe. Simply put, it’s the classic vegemite sandwich of style. Yes, I went there. I likened our LBD to the vegemite sandwich (if you were wondering if this was a true Australian owned company this intro alone should convince you otherwise!).

But enough about the LBD. Today we’re talking about her fresh, saucy sister – the little white dress.

Monochromatic is the BFF of texture. A dress that is in one colour is the perfect opportunity to play with layering of sheer and contrasting textured fabric. The result is almost always polished and chic.

Thanks to innovations in laser cutting in fashion, the cut out is having a major moment. Sexy enough to be alluring and not to be confused with a little school girl. Pick a dress that utilises the feature that emphasises your best assets – whatever is the cut out will draw the eye!

If you can’t bear the idea of not wearing colour, splice it in with your accessories. Think belts, pastel and statement heels (psst! A post on heels is in the pipeline!) or sports luxe sneakers. Our previous post on runway jewellery trends has plenty of ideas for your next jewellery purchase.

White does not have to mean white-white! It’s true, not everyone looks great in a crisp white. Pearl white, ivory, cream, eggshell or any other variant swaps out nicely to match your skin tone.

Get the look with the PERCEPTION Dress. 

And one last and perhaps most important tip: Pick the right undergarment. Nothing worse than seeing some poor tragedy of a great looking dress on a fantastic looking person with the colour/pattern of her undergarments on display too. Nudes and skin tone knickers please!

Images thanks to Pinterest, Style and Harper’s Bazaar

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