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There is nothing worse than being inappropriately dressed for a wedding. Or dressed in the same colour as the wedding party. A winter wedding, while fraught with peril (rain! storms! The flu!) can be truly beautiful. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the usually busy spring summer schedule. However, it presents its own set of challenges. Is it too cold for sandals? Can I get away with tights? What warmer layer can I wear without looking too officey?

We take a look at some chic examples for you with some handy tips below…

Black tie? Much less common, but it is the most formal code you can get. Typically, it demands a floor length gown. Pick a saturated hue that suits your skin tone and avoid overly flashy styles (hint: skip the all over sequins, a wedding isn’t a club!). Pick a luxe fabric and keep your lines simple. The colour red is pretty debatable (cue talk of someone drawing unnecessary attention to themselves), but the key to red is to pick a hue that is your match but on the richer side.

Leave the denim jacket, slouchy cardigans and office blazer’s at home. Swap it out for a fur piece (faux fur is more gentle on the pocketbook!) in a jacket or a delightfully textured cardigan in opulent lace. As much as I love the wonderfully large cardigan pieces that we probably all have on our wardrobes that you can roll yourself up in like a hot dog – stick to something more tailored to your body.

And speaking of knits – it can be done! The key is luxury for both the knit and what you pair it with. Tonal looks work best with this mix of textures but avoid anything overly sheer.

Brocade is a great texture to introduce if you have a limited budget and want to avoid blowing too much on an entirely new outfit. It’s luxe enough on its own to not require much else other than some pumps and some of your gorgeous winter accessories.

Finally, remember that you can always ask your bride to spell it out to you. There are always exceptions to the rules, and there usually is a good reason for the exception. Primarily because the bride said so! Don’t be afraid to check if you can wear white/red/black/blush, tulle, jeans (though I literally shuddered just typing the word JEANS, ugh) and be mindful of cultural appropriation. You are far better off in doing some recon before the wedding to avoid any cringe worthy faux-pas.

Images thanks to fake leather, Pinterest and Elle

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