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Your Closet Cleanout Goals For 2016

Just like that, we’re in the middle of January. Now that we’ve had a chance to lament on how much we ate and how little we exercised, it’s time to take stock. January is the ideal month to make concrete plans and goals for the year ahead, both personal and professional. In keeping with this theme of purge and planning, it’s also prime time to attack the closet. Take a close, unsentimental look at its contents and get tossing. The golden rule is, if you haven’t worn it at least once in the past couple of seasons, say goodbye. Pass it on to a girlfriend, sister or neighbour or donate.

Chances are you have a pile. A larger one that you’d like to admit. The good news? Apart from the fact that your discarded items are almost on their way to making someone else rather happy – you now have all this space! Swap out those awful plastic and wire hangers for some flocked or wooden hangers, get the vacuum in there and vent out some dust. Restack your shoes; file your garments according to type.

Take this time to assess what you have, what works together and what you’re missing. You have kept what you have because you actually wear it (I hope!); you know it hits the spot. If you’re going to make a list of personal and professional goals for the 2016, why not make a list of wardrobe goals? Making a list and sticking to it is the sure-fire way of shopping and ending up with what you actually need, rather than a bag full of on sale, fast fashion trend knock offs which you may only wear once (if that). Another argument for making a list: your budget! If you don’t plan to save (for the good stuff), you will plan to spend (it on the crap stuff). I just made that up, but whatever, it works!

We’ve compiled a little checklist to get you going of some key wardrobe investments for your year ahead!


Already got black? Branch out into another neutral such as puce, olive, grey.


Smart enough for the office and a night out! Look for soft and supple leather for durability and comfort.

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This one is going to be around for a while yet. It’s a style that looks good on almost all body shapes depending on the cut and where you sit it on your body. Midi, knee or mini length – you have your pick! Go for a classic stripe if you’re feeling bold (stripes can also work to hide problem areas) or keep it neutral to wear again and again.


You can’t have enough. Period. Got too many prints? Seek out some classics. Scared of all over print? Compromise with a stripe. And for you pattern addicts, look at pieces that play with scale.

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