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Trend Update | Skirts

You guys! Summer is almost over! We have today a skirt trend update for you to have a think on. Though the week has been a bit of a wet one, it’s worth thinking ahead for the inevitable sunshine days to come.The New PleatIntroducing the car wash. No, not sudsey version. We’ve seen the box and knife pleats for [...]

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The Five Best New Year's Eve Make Up Looks

The festive season is ending, time to dust off the dancing shoes and whip out the sequin clutch! New Year's Eve is one of the only times it is acceptable to wear large amounts of glitter on your eyelids with no one even batting an eye! We have compiled five of the biggest make up [...]

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The Little White Dress

The little black dress. Ok, so everyone knows that it is, or should be one (or many if you’re like me) of stock standard pieces in your wardrobe. Simply put, it’s the classic vegemite sandwich of style. Yes, I went there. I likened our LBD to the vegemite sandwich (if you were wondering if this was a true Australian [...]

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Style Profile | Emma Watson

It cannot be easy, transitioning from beloved child star to bankable Hollywood leading lady. Let alone going through awkward puberty under the scrutiny of the general public. Most people never experience a red carpet in their lives – Emma Watson was walking them from the age of 10!Emma Watson’s style profile has naturally grown with her over the years, [...]

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Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2015

It’s on. The countdown has officially started. Christmas is less than 8 days away egads! The shops are nuts, we have ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ perpetually going on in our heads and the inevitable Christmas gift list is starting to grow. We all have that one freak of nature friend in our circle who is crowing “I’ve [...]

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PFW Street Style | Our Fav Looks

It’s happened. The end of Spring Summer fashion 2015. It’s a sad time, but our eyeballs are thankful of the reprieve! Paris is the longest leg – you may say that the best is left till last with powerhouses like Dior, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Balmain, Kenzo, Chanel, Valentino all showcasing and partying as only the fashion pack [...]

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Top 5 Timeless Sunglasses

Sunglasses are way more than a practical tool to shade our stunning eyes from sun rays, they are an accessory that can make or break an outfit! They add a finishing touch to your ensemble and leave you looking stylish and polished if done right. To make picking the right style for your outfit easier [...]

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Your Guide To This Season's Trendiest Dresses

We don’t know about you, but our social calendar has gone from the Sahara to Oasis. We’re talking chockers. What’s with the end of winter to early spring period being a literal social wasteland? And then the moment November rolls around, it’s like everyone goes into a frenzy?! It’s a seemingly never ending schedule of birthday’s, catch ups, farewells, [...]

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MILAN Fashion Week Street Style

What a month it was! September was, without a doubt an exhausting whirlwind. For the casual observer, it appears to be a relentless schedule of shows and spectacle. For the industry players, it’s all consuming and not without its controversies (see write ups on model diversity and Gigi Hadid feeling the need to respond to some scathing detractors).Milan started off [...]

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How To Style A Tulle Skirt

Perhaps it’s just us, but we can’t get ballerina chic off the brain. We chalk it up to the hype surrounding the annual Victoria’s Secret Show (eee!!) and the regimented, core strengthening work outs #trainlikeanangel that are floating around the internet, making us all feel even more unfit and out of shape! In particular, the Ballet Beautiful workouts. I mean, [...]

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