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NYFW | Frow Style

So much fashion, so little time.New York Fashion week is blitzing through what is a pretty relentless schedule, with many designers presenting their spring collections in one of the most tried and tested methods: the live catwalk.The all-important FROW has always been a hot topic with statements being made with who lands a coveted spot. It’s usually a [...]

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Spring Shoe Stylin

Mmm, spring. The transition season. Apart from the hay fever madness that strikes with vengeance, spring is the time for layering your look and having a gentle experiment with summer’s key trends and deciding yay or nay before the heat hits.It’s also the time to put away heavy boots, pull out the pumice stone and start prepping. Or better [...]

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NYFW | Street Style

So our favourite part of fashion weeks in whichever location is, yep, you guessed it – the street style! It usually beats out the indomitable celebrity laden FROW in terms of creativity and flair. In fact, some of the biggest and buzziest trends spiral from the humble pavement. This week’s snaps are no exception with plenty of colour, monochrome [...]

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Fashion Has No Rules | But There Are Boundaries

Style is in the eye of the beholder - It comes down to taste. However, there are a few key guidelines that should apply. Fashion has no rules but there are boundaries to ensure you look your best. We have compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts that can apply to anyone no matter what [...]

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The Best Spring Racing Fashion Of Melbourne Cup 2015

Well done everyone, well done! I think we have collectively turned a corner with our spring racing tastes and have taken a leaf from Emily Post. Aside from a few glaring exceptions which shall not be named or shamed or seen in this post, ladylike glamour ruled supreme.Quite surprisingly, the traditional feathered fascinator was virtually non-existent with racegoers selecting [...]

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Halloween Spook Special | Your Ultimate Fashion Costume Guide

So when did Halloween become such a big thing in Australia? Did we miss the memo? We aren’t exactly outraged at this development, because Halloween is essentially a glorified dress up day. And we aren’t talking about god awful polyester Frozen costumes, or something Avenger-or-another that you can pay a killing for at a costume hire shop. We’re talking [...]

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How To Sweat it Out in Style

The 'Sports Luxe' trend has taken the world by storm, changing the perception of workout clothing. They are no longer unfashionable and boring. There has been an evolution in fitness fashion, showcasing trends, vibrant prints, interesting designs and overall becoming stylish garments. We have compiled a few key prints to incorporate into your gym gear. [...]

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Spring Racing Fashion Etiquette | Our Top 5 Tips

At the very core of the race etiquette for ladies, and to a certain extent lads too is 3 words: sophistication, elegance and structure. It’s a strict code that has been passed down through the generations and it is not to be sniffed at. Despite what some think, the races is not a bar or club attached to the [...]

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Trend Update | Graphic Prints

Graphic prints have been gracing the Runway this season as an alternative to the usual spring florals! It is a refreshing and futuristic way to bring colour into your wardrobe. The vivid prints are sure to attract some attention at your next event. We have compiled the top four must have graphic prints this season [...]

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With spring racing carnivals just around the corner, we have compiled the top trends for Derby Day, Oaks Day and Melbourne Cup Day 2015! DERBY DAYWhip out your best monochrome outfit for this fun filled day. Classic and timeless pieces work best for Derby Day such as full ankle length skirts, bustiers, lace and crisp white [...]

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