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Four Ways To Style A Denim Shirt

This wardrobe piece is like, everywhere. Like nobody’s business. Or everybody’s business, I’m not sure which cliché is more appropriate. The classic denim shirt is practically a revolving door with a long and trusted style history. It is, by definition the MVP. If I count off the top of my head, I think I have 3 currently. And they’re all different, I kid you not. Don’t shake your head or roll your eyes at me, casual reader! Fellow denim addicts, you know what I mean. It’s all about the subtle differences in pockets/yoke/trim/tabs/wash/distressing/press studs, right? Right.


When you aren’t feeling the perennial silky cami and want some more cover. The denim shirt reigns in the most outlandish of prints. This combo is a perfect autumn suggestion for your next wardrobe brain freeze moment.


Double denim? Yes please. Be sure to mix up the wash and texture to create enough contrast to avoid looking like a chambray tragedy.



Case in point, denim works wonders with print. Tucked in, tucked up, knotted – experiment with techniques to suit the cut of your skirt. And yes, denim can be stretched beyond 9-5 and translates well into the evening.


For the times when your denim jacket or blazer proves to be too heavy.

So do yourself a favour, if you haven’t already – go out and grab yourself a denim shirt. This closet workhorse will not let you down.

Love PMx

Images courtesy of stylecaster

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