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What's The Point To The Sleeveless Coat?


I feel that the title of this blog post is a sentence your clueless father figure would say to you with his arms folded.

Well, Mister Judgement Police – a sleeveless coat is a vest, duh. And vests keep your chesticles and core nice and toasty. And yes, chesticles is totes a word.

We’ve complied a handful of basic and not so basic ways to wear the transitional wonder.

Double Double Toil and Trouble

The cool double coat look is a smash hit on the street. And guess what, it works both ways. You can pop a sleeveless on underneath your sleeved coat or vice versa. It’s an easy way to add a splice of colour or pattern without the extra bulk. We recommend buttoning or zipping up the layer that you have on underneath and leave the top layer footloose and fancy free.

It’s BFF with the Turtle

Following on from last week’s post – where we bleated on about how much we love thy turtleneck, the perfect companion to it? The sleeveless coat. A v neck sweater can look a little out of place proportion wise with a patch of skin on display whereas the turtleneck was born for it. Slim fit jumpers and sweaters look the best coming from the armhole, avoid batwing or dropped sleeve style jumpers as they will bunch and look all sorts of unattractive.

And it works well with the dress too! 

Maxi dress, slip dress, midi dress – they all tick the right box. The trick here is to ensure that your coat is on the longer side.

Love PMx

Images thanks to pinterest

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